giving back

Our Giving Back program was created to help improve the lives of those in rural areas in the countries where we make our products. As of 2018, Meru will give new pajamas to children in need, and provide hands-on STEAM education workshops for children in those underserved areas.

With the purchase of any of the printed pajamas from our website, our customers are dressing a child in need with new comfortable pajamas. With the same purchase, our customers are also co-sponsoring hands-on STEAM education workshops for children in underserved/rural areas.

This effort, which started in March of 2018, is in its pilot phase in the Venezuelan Andes, which form the northernmost extension of the Andes. What started as a family project to get our children excited about learning through hands-on STEAM education, has evolved into a much bigger project. Our project has turned into a program designed to help enrich people’s lives in areas with very scarce resources.

We are able to do this because of our customers and because of our partners in this project. We harness both, our customer’s purchasing power and our strategic partnerships to do good, to give back, and to fill the heart of children in need with hope, joy, and excitement, as they embark on a mission to explore and discover new frontiers.

We are on a quest to discover and empower young citizen scientists and engineers that can identify and take ownership of their local community issues, so that they can help addressing them. As David Sengeh puts it, “with the right set of actors and tools, the paradigm of “aid to” the developing world can be transformed to one of “made in” the developing world.” We could not agree more. At Meru, we embrace and will help promote this paradigm shift.

Bringing Clothing and STEAM Education to Children in Need 

Hands-on STEAM-E Education Workshop

Micarache Elementary School, Venezuela (elev. 12,073 feet)


 Giving New Pajamas to Children in Need

Micarache and Los Corrales Elementary Schools, Venezuela