"Children are born scientists. They are naturally curious about the world around them, and space is still a mysterious, exciting frontier."

NASA and Mad Science 

Family Mission

To help engage our kids (and yours), in STEAM-E learning early —Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math + Entrepreneurship.


We face some very difficult challenges now and into the future. From population growth, to food and water shortages, to climate change, to poverty and unemployment. To address these significant challenges, we will need to make quantum leaps in science, engineering, and technology. So, we need out-of-the-box thinkers, chess masters, and world-class leaders that can help us create effective and sustainable solutions.

At Meru, we believe that early hands-on STEAM-E education can help develop essential lifetime habits and skills that will allow children to address these challenges. We believe all the components of STEAM-E are essential to address these challenges. Science is what we use to understand the universe around us, math is the language we use to describe science, engineering is how we use our understanding of the universe to create technologies and solutions, art is how we use our imagination and creativity to innovate, and lastly, entrepreneurship is what allows us to put it all together. A great example of this package put together masterfully was when humanity conquered the moon!


Our strategy to accomplish our family mission is two-fold:

  1. to engage the online community around the business in creating a collaborative platform to share STEAM-E resources and activities, and to promote this important movement, and
  2. to provide hands-on STEAM education workshops to children in underserved/rural areas in the countries where we make our products

The STEAM-E sections of our website were created as a starting point to aid in the execution of item 1 above, by providing a roadmap of available resources, and by initiating a conversation with the online community around the business, to start sharing activities related to STEAM-E.

To deliver on item 2 of our strategy, we created our Giving Back program. When you purchase any of the printed pajamas from our website, you are co-sponsoring hands-on STEAM education workshops for children in underserved/rural areas in the countries where we make our products.

Resources and Activities


As you go through our STEAM-E project, you will find valuable resources we have come across during our quest for achieving our mission. We encourage you to browse around. You will discover interesting things!


Our plan is to use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to share STEAM-E activities to help engage parents and kids in this important movement. Stay tuned…we will keep you posted with these activities, as we develop them!